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Originally Posted by nintendo2600 View Post
I ended up having to get the turtles on ebay. Oh well, at least I got them. Years ago though if you asked for super commons on this forum you would have at least 3 different people offering to sell to you by the end of the day.

I'm now looking for a pair of foot soliders. Loose is fine and I don't even need the weapons. '88 version or any of the various reprints would do.
I would've been happy to help you out, but back in September and October I did a huge inventory clearout - one with an action figure sale where I sold what you are looking for, and the second as a vehicle sale with a Technodrome and a bunch of other stuff. Now unless I buy another collection I'm just left with my private, complete collection for as long as I decide to keep those.

Originally Posted by ***First of Two Latin Kings*** View Post
Facebook is where it is happening nowadays. Not even worth the trouble to try to do toy trading here anymore.
To be honest, I think it's two fold. I agree that the social media groups have supplanted a lot of forums - even Instagram is huge for this now. But I'd also guess that a lot of the mainstay collectors have solidified their private collections and maybe traded out a lot of their doubles and so on by now. We are talking about a generation of collecting that has been 30+ years since inception and probably about 15 years since adult callbacks made the vintage toys popular again.
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