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The Technodrome's 8th Anniversary!

Aside from being Halloween, today is also The Technodrome's eighth anniversary! As usual, we have some site updates to celebrate.

First, our poll is finally back! Last time we had a poll, it was unfortunately skewed by spam bots "voting" for random choices, so the results had to be thrown out and the poll had to be temporarily closed down. However, we now have a Flash-based voting system which should be much more difficult for bots to interfere with. Everything should work properly, but if you encounter any errors, please post on our forums or email me. This new poll asks which TMNT-related food item was your favorite, so be sure to vote in the column to the right!

Next, our Sounds page was getting a little big, so I moved the theme songs to their own page. This should hopefully make it easier to navigate. Thanks to gobo for the idea!

Finally, I also added 3 new theme songs to the new Theme Songs page! You can now listen to the Italian theme song and the two Japanese ending theme songs, all from the original cartoon. Thanks to gobo for sending them in!

Shredder will be posting more updates within the next few days, so be sure to check back soon. Enjoy, and thanks for your continuing support in making this event possible.

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