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Originally Posted by gobo View Post
I think there are two CiCi's restaurants in Baton Rouge. I know there's at least one. I prefer Pepperoni's though; more expensive but tastier. There are at least three of those in BR, but I'm not aware that it crosses parish (Louisiana's version of a County) lines. But, what really burns my biscuits... THERE ARE NO T.G.I.FRIDAY'Ses IN ALL OF THE STATE, BUT THE BASTARDS WON'T STOP TEMPTING ME TO SMASH MY TV WHEN THEIR COMMERCIALS COME ON AT LEAST ONCE EVERY HALF HOUR!! >:O
That place used to be awesome. Then they stopped serving food. The Fridays down the street from me stopped serving butter. Not a stick in the joint. They also don't have spoons, either.

They don't serve baked potatoes or any kind of soup, which is usually a staple of restaraunt chains like these places.
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