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Originally Posted by CyberCubed View Post
I get the feeling the Nick writers never wanted to use Hun but just included him because of fans and they made him into a totally different character anyway so it didn't matter. And yes in this show the Purple Dragons were just the same 3 guys from Season 1 and then Hun. Unlike the 4kids show where there was like 40 of them.
The show only had the budget for Fong, Tsoi, and Sid to actually appear. But They sort of imply that there are more members to the purple dragons aside from the triad we see though.

For example in Mousers Attack, April says her phone was stolen by one of the Purple Dragons. It’s possible she didn’t see who it was, but if there were only three Purple Dragons she would have been able to say who had taken it. Also Fong tells Dogpound that one of their boys had taken it instead of saying ‘Sid took this phone from a friend of those Turtles.’
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