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The whole Dark April thing could have been better utilized and the final product could have gone on for at least three episodes.

Episode 1 could start with April first being possessed. Donnie stays with Splinter to figure out a way to break the crystals connection to April. Then at the end of the Episode, the other Turtles see Donnie rushing towards April. They catch hold of him and tell him that isn't April anymore, and it's too dangerous to go near her. Raph then lunge-hugs Donnie (I.e Hugs Donnie the same way Mikey and Leo hug Raph to calm him down) to get him to calm down.

Episode 2 could begin with a flashback of Leo talking to Donnie about his infatuation with April. This ends with Leo saying "I just don't want to see you get hurt." Then everything plays out with the Turtles trying to stop April, at some point Donnie finds the opportunity to slip away from his brothers and succeeds in reaching her. The episode ends with him being killed off and everyone reacting to it.

Episode 3 Recap on Donnie's death, all the Turtles mourn the loss of their brother and return to the lair to regroup since they are emotionally compromised at the moment. Karai is summoned to assist. She agrees with Raphael that April is likely gone and she was too dangerous to live. Mikey and Leo, however, point out Donnie did reach April even if it was for a moment that proved she wasn't completely gone. Splinter is neutral and believes that if it was possible to save April they would do it. However, if they absolutely had to, they would destroy her. Everything plays out with the Turtles trying to restrain and reach April. April attempts to cleanse Raphael when he yells out "Remember Donnie", this breaks April free of the control the Aeon held on her enabling her to defeat Za-noran before collapsing in exhaustion afterward. When April comes too she at is surrounded by her adoptive family, but then remembers what she had been forced to do. That's when she notices some purple sparks by the remains of the crystal and says that Donnie wasn't killed off just molecularly scattered. She uses the crystals focusing power to restore Donnie, and it ends with April running into Donnie's arms and saying that she loves him. The two share a kiss in the background as Raph just smiles and says "It's about time."

Heart of Evil also could have been a good Raph/Donnie centered episode. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the fact there is finally a Leo/Donnie bonding episode. But this episode felt like it would have taken the events from Mutant Gangland full circle.

In Mutant Gangland, Raph acts out in anger and then drags Donnie into the argument. This causes Donnie to voice what everyone else was thinking which is that his jealousy towards Leo is old and childish. Raph then uses this as justification as to why he should leave. Donnie goes after Raph to convince him to come home and is captured because he chose to loyally stay at Raph's side when they were in danger.

So in Heart of Evil, it would have been a role reversal to have Raph being the sensible one and Donnie being the reactionary one. It would have given Raph a bold face look at what his brothers see whenever he flies off the handle. So when he stops Donnie from killing Vizioso he would say "Donnie, stop! This guy is scum I understand that, but this isn't you! If you take his life you would not only destroy yourself and everything you stand for, you'll also be proving were the monsters he says we are! Is that what you want?"
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