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Lightbulb What's the latest movie you've seen?

Can someone sticky this, please? I know I like to watch a lotta movies and I wanna discuss them, but I'd feel silly making a whole new topic for each of them just so they can end up with a few responses. So is it cool if we talk about every movie we've watched here? I know some people (like myself and Spit) watch plenty of movies worth discussion. If stickyage isn't a good idea, though, I'd understand.

Anyway, I just got back from watching Sweeney Todd and got BLOWN away. This movie is not for everyone for the following reasons: very song heavy (only like 5 minutes between songs. Literally.), very gorey, and...

...cannibalism and incest...

...but it was very good, nonetheless. The songs were catchy. It's funny cuz some of the songs that deal with darker matters have an upbeat tune. Also, the character interactions were interesting. It's not just about Sweeney Todd, it's about several different characters and how their stories intertwine. All in all, I'd recommend this to those who can tolerate the heavy themes and gore.
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