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Originally Posted by ZacksSoUgly View Post
Now that NECA has announced their SDCC Turtles exclusive I wonder if we'll see something from Super7 about their plans for their Turtles at or around Comic Con. I'm hoping the line is cool and I'm hoping they plan some store events around their Turtles stuff. Their MOTU events always did well at their San Diego store, so hopefully that same excitement can happen for Turtles.
That was their plan! SDCC for S7 reveals!

And for me, it is definitely BOTH.

Look, we've waited SO long for good Turtles toys. And the original line was good for what it was and for the time. But back then, "good enough for what it was" was all we knew. We didn't know that toys could be better than what they were at that moment.

To give example, and I'm dating myself here, but the first Playstation? PS1? Yeah, at one point, the Playstation 1, with all their giant pixels and polygons, was the pinnacle of technological achievements in video games, and NOTHING could ever top these state of the art graphics! This was IT!

Then PS2, then PS3, now get the idea.

Being alive for the advancement of items is insane. Cell phones?? When I was a kid, I wanted nothing more than a TV that I could watch in the bathroom while I poop and take a bath. Not doing these thigns at the same time, by the way...

NOW? We have a computer/TV/phone THAT FITS IN OUR POCKET, that we can do such a thing with. I would have KILLED for that at age 10! Only RICH people could afford a cordless phone that you could carry around town. Now? CHILDREN carry cell phones.

I digress.

The point is, NECA and Super 7 are in the age of such technological achievements, and skills. And they are finally giving us the figures we never even knew back then that we deserved! Once companies like McFarlane and Toy Biz came around, we had an idea of "Heyyyyyyy...wait a second! You've been cheaping out on us, Playmates!"...and they continued to do it for another 20 years.

So, this is a GODSEND for us old timers. And I will take advantage of any and all AMAZING TMNT figures that are not Playmates.
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