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Originally Posted by Bobby Curnow View Post
That's a good idea. If you'd like your question to be considered for Ninja Notes, just add "OK to PRINT" Include as much personal information (name, city or state of residence) as you want.

I'll edit the opening post to include that!
Awesome, thanks! I'd be happy to have my question printed, I'll re-post it below! (with a few edits for print)

Hey IDW Team! So I read that the upcoming Deviations issue (where in an alternate universe, the TMNT join Shredder) is just a one shot. I love the idea behind it, so I was wondering, with all the different crossovers the main IDW turtles have had, and how successful they are, any chance we could see the turtles from Deviations crossover into the main TMNT ongoing series? Because that would be epic!

OK to Print!
Chris McKenna
New York
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2003 TMNT Trading Card Game Foils #50 and #90
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