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Originally Posted by ZariusTwo View Post
Satam ages fine.
Hey, more power to you. If you still think it's good, right on. I... kind of don't. It's one of those shows where I had a lot of fond memories and wish I hadn't tried to go back to it. There are some eighties cartoons I loved that were like that for me too. Maybe my nostalgia goggles are broken or something.

Still the best Sonic cartoon
To be fair, its only competition in its category - I hesitate to declare an outright best, because half the Sonic cartoons are serious affairs and half are comedies, making it unfair to really compare them - is Sonic X, a show that was alright, but hampered by a kid that stole so much screentime you'd think it were a Transformers cartoon. So it's not like it really has a lot of challengers.

I think I've enjoyed Sonic Boom more than any of them, really, but again, unfair to compare.

and the Archie books were excellent once Flynn took over
I've heard as much, but I was so over SatAM and the Archie world by that point I couldn't get myself back into it. Especially when hearing how much of the run sounded like clean-up of all the mess. I'll likely give his stint on the newest Sonic comic a chance, though.

though I do have some fondness for Penders if only because he had the kahoonas to marry Sonic off to Sally in Moebius 25 Years Later (was that Penders?)
Yeah, it was. Late era Penders. I read some of it. It... wasn't great. By that point the mans writing had gone off a cliff to match the art.

Flynn has been hired to write the IDW books
I was hoping for a little new blood, but this is also good, because it will be a decent chance to read Flynns take on the character. Not to mention it's good for Ian Flynn in general. After the Archie debacle it's nice he's going to get to stick with Sonic for a while after all.
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