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yPlease leave out feminist agenda to something else somewhere else
Anyways i think they should not continue with these turtles designs, ideally i would get guys in suits again and make it dark like first movie but even darker.
Kinda very accurate to mirage but im a bit of fedup with NEW tmnt movies and cartoons( and i can watch first TMNT movie every day , its great), theres a bit too much of that stuff and too much of it is remixed to appeal to todays generation of kids, i dont know if old movies were made with "oh we need to do it this way to make kids like our film", they just went with it and did not care how hip its gonna be for 90s.
On the other hand terminator 2 was coming out and it was something new and exciting but now after so many terminators... its a bit different and people are fedup a bit.Theres no element of surprise.So many incarnations and versions of the same thing, it puts people off a bit seeing different redesigns.
WOW i just saw how OOTS film flopped, major fail, you would expect they learned their lesson... no they didnt.I hope 3rd one with the same design fails even more.
Im super glad people did not went to see it and thats basically only thing they could do to boycott something they dont like... its like they dont see most obvious issue with these
new turtles... their look.You just cant do that when entire world has set expectatiions about something/someone looking certain way.Its like making rocky by castting anybody else than stallone.They went too far off.

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