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Originally Posted by Leolead View Post
Umm, I'm pretty sure there are dozens of women and people of color who are qualified to write and direct these films, dude. That was a pretty random thing for that guy to bring up but what he's saying is wrong with PD is a problem within the Hollywood industry as a whole. It's not just relegated to them.

Affirmative action isn't racist. It's about giving people who are economically disadvantaged equal opportunity as other more fortunate groups.
If they are qualified, then why aren't they writing/directing the TMNT movie(s)? Could be they're not collectively applying their talents in that direction, for all you or I know.

Anyways, neither you nor I make the decision as to who is "qualified". They can have qualifications out the ass, if they're not hired by someone else to do the job then it ultimately doesn't make any difference.

And being over a certain age, I refuse to believe that everything can be boiled down to "Straight White Male Conspiracy".

Affirmative Action IS racist because it ultimately says if you only have 5 job openings, then at least 2 of them have to be filled by women or people of color because otherwise "It isn't fair", even if those people did poorly on their interview, had a spotty resume, whatever. They showed up, therefore, they "earned" a spot. By definition it creates separate sets of "rules" and standards based on gender and/or skin color. Things should never, EVER work that way.

Don't misread me, son. If women or people of color are genuinely qualified they deserve to get whatever jobs they apply for in any and every industry - individually, and based on MERIT. Not collectively, "because the numbers aren't even."

We've already seen undeniable progress in recent years with regards to which people are rising to positions of power within the entertainment industry, and we're seeing more of it every day. So it stands to reason there's no "conspiracy"; if more women and people of color aren't being tasked with writing or directing TMNT movies, it's either because A: They're not pushing for those jobs, or B: Someone decided that someone else was more qualified. It really can be that simple.

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