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Originally Posted by ***First of Two Latin Kings*** View Post
This is the first I have seen a tracking number.

I tried to sell you a SOTO Classics Don so you would have another body and three more heads to work with... I couldn't just give it to you, I was already $60 in at that point.

I sent you some fodder and you asked if you owed anything, I said $10 for the shipping would be nice but it wasn't necessary.

You're done because I wouldn't sell you 7 NECA figures and a Collector's Case for $175 because I would have been losing money. So now I have to hope I can hire another artist to finish this project. Someone else could have been doing the actual work this entire time.
And again I didn't need the bodies. You wanted "custom heads" and before you know it he tells me I hope you can paint these pink. The whole bodies not just the heads.

Yes I did ask you if I owed you anything for the fodder and you said $10. You didn't say "it wasn't necessary". I didn't reply and then I get a pm saying "where's the $10 it's been nine days already".

You told me it was ok I can find someone else to finish these when I told you I was sending them back. Now you're trying to come off as desperate "So now I have to hope I can hire another artist to finish this project". So now except for some fodder that I never asked for my work goes uncompensated. I sent you the figs with the weapons and bases plus four sculpted heads already sanded that just need primer and paint. And my guess is you will get them painted and sell them but hey they're yours do what you want. If that's the way you choose to do business, God help you.

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