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The reason Reshelled didn't work was because making the 2D beat em up 3D made it way easier and by having different voices and physics the nostalgia was gone. Add to the fact that if the game doesn't appeal to the nerd "professional" game reviewer, they will bash it and the average joe will see those reviews and avoid the game. So yeah if it had been a remake of the SNES game it would've helped it get better reviews for that reason alone and get a few more downloads.

Speaking of which since it was a remake there was no reason why this couldn't have been the "definitive" version of the game by adding the SNES extra content and not removing the Arcade content that the SNES version did. Add the original game as an unlockable and voila! You have a solid downloadable game.

As to why only Turtles in Time was remade the answer is really simple, the first arcade game had already received a port like a year and a half before with online the remake of TiT so it likely made no sense to remake a game they had just released a while ago and the reason TiT wasn't a port was they probably thought they'd get more money if it was a remake than a port.
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