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Have you ever been mistaken for another nationality?

If so, got any fun story to tell?

It's only happened to me a few times while travelling. usually people don't care where I'm from or just ask me in case they're curious. The most random one I can think of was on a trip me and my family made to Tunisia many many years ago. At the hotel store the guy asked us first if we were from Bulgaria. We said "no" and then he asked us if we were from Yugoslavia(yes, that country still existed at the time). It was rather funny and unexpected.

I also remember being 9 years old or so abroad(in Spain, I think?) and some British kid asking me out of the blue "Are you British?". I shook my head. Then he asked me if I was French, Irish, German or Dutch. I shook my head to every of his question. then he finally asked me "What are you,then?"... and I didn't answer him . That was a funny exchange. Kinda rude of me but I was a shy kid and I wasn't exactly proficient at English yet, as you can possibly imagine

Honestly, it seems to me that I'm a rather generic European looking guy and can blend well anywhere in Europe for the most part. Probably because my family has always made an effort in trying to avoid looking like tourists when we travelled, so that pickpockets wouldn't rob us... in fact it never happened to us while we travelled.

Not really the same thing, but I remember a few of my online friends listening to my voice for the first time and telling me I had a Russian/Slavic sounding accent.

Usually, in online communities people can't really tell where I'm from unless I fill in my location. Probably because my written English is quite good. So people tend to assume I'm American or British unless I say otherwise. That's why I always fill in my location nowadays in order to avoid misunderstandings.

What about you?
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