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Originally Posted by coxfire View Post
Sorry if the question doesn't belong here or has already been answered elswhere, but what is the approximate timeline of the show?
Do we have a rough estimation of how many time passed between the Mutation Day in Rise of the Turtle and let's say Leo waking up in Northampton?

Casey said that the Technodrome thing was "last year", but that doesn't mean that 12 months have passed between the 2 finales?
No there hasn't been any sort of approximation as to how much time has passed since their mutation day. Though show wise it has been roughly two years so the Turtles would be 17-18 right about now.

According to one of the Writers, the Turtles will be teenagers as long as the series is on nick. So I guess this will be like they do with some TV shows where the characters are perpetually one age even though enough time and events have happened for the characters to be much older.
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