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Originally Posted by Bobby Curnow View Post
Good question-- and the answer is we don't really know for sure, with the information given. I will say that Deviations was a big old bit of foreshadowing. We've since gone on to show that the Pantheon can be hurt on the astral plan (City of Rats arc).

This isn't a canon answer, we'll reserve that for on the printed page. But I read 'immortal' for the pantheon much like in the vampire sense: they won't die of natural causes, but there are things that can hurt and kill them.
Thank you for that. Even though you said that it's not a canon answer, it does seem to make sense. Between the Dragon not being in the earthly realm (instead in the afterlife with Saki and Yoshi) and Manmoth surrendering when the Turtles had him in a predicament where he might be seriously hurt, it makes a lot of sense....for me anyway.

Speaking of the Pantheon, (and I understand that you may not be able to answer this) is the Pantheon matriarch going to be introduced? We've heard about their father, but I'm assuming a mothers gotta be out there somewhere, whether in the mortal realm or the afterlife.
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