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Originally Posted by Papenbrook View Post
I want you to name one of the worst moments within the series based on your own opinion. You must have an explanation that relates to why you chose that moment as the worst moment.

Good luck!
Now that TMNT 2k12 is over, I would like to list some of the worst moments within the show.

- Casey Jones's line near the end of "Annihilation: Earth!" ("This is awesome!")

- Michelangelo's entire behavior throughout the season three episode, "The Croaking".

- Splinter's "cheese phone" moment in "The Manhattan Project: Part One".

_ April O'Neil's "You're my mutant" moment in "A Foot Too Big".

- Casey's skull bomb in "Raphael: Mutant Apocalypse" ("Carmegeddon!").

These moments are among some of the worst scenes in the 2k12 series.
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