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Originally Posted by Peter Palmer View Post
I don't know...I've never minded that part. If anything, that one sequence reminds me in that moment that these turtles are still kids in most respects. They may be trained ninjas, but they are still teenagers and that often comes with a lot of emotional turmoil. Considering their mentor/father figure was kidnapped (and presumed killed) and the kidnapper was taunting them, an irrational lashing out seems right in line with the age of the character.
That's looking at being a teenager through a very human, very western lens. Don't. Growing up a teenager in a home with TV, school, school sports, popular kids, unpopular kids, "what do I wear today??", prom, etc., is quite different than growing up as a teenager in a sewer you've spent your whole life in, conditioned from almost birth by your "Dad" whose everyday main purpose is raising you to one day kill a man who is a master ninja. Most of the nonsense we equate to "average angsty teenagers" simply doesn't and cannot apply no matter how much various TMNT writers want it to ("I've always complained that the TMNT aren't like teenagers enough!!" blah blah).

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