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I give them a 5. They aren't great and they aren't intolerably bad, they are just 'OK.'

Reason is, they aren't bad characters but I do think the 'stupidity for comedy' kind of hurts them. It often gets overused to an annoying extent, to the point it can make one wonder why Shredder still keeps them around.

The other thing is that they can feel over-included. Nick didn't need them, it already had it's own set of henchmen. Problem is, there were nostalgic fans that demanded them, and so Nick added them. It wouldn't have been so bad if they didn't overshadow the original henchmen, but they did, and whatever unique badassery those guys might have developed took a backseat to these two.

I do think they can be fun though, but they should not be used every time Shredder needs some henchmen. That gets old, which was what I'd been feeling for a while. Plus they sorely need to be updated, they don't have to be bumbling throwbacks to the 80's all the time, they can evolve. It wouldn't be so bad if they have an animal origin, or wore modern fashion, or if they were fully competent (and not bumbling manchildren) and used dark comedy rather then goofy jokes.

For right now though, they need to be shelved for a while. Shredder needs to get some new henchmen and TMNT needs to not be afraid to try new stuff. Otherwise it just looks like it can't move on past the Fred Wolf series or Mirage stories and tries to rely too much on fan nostalgia to keep it going.

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