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Originally Posted by Utrommaniac View Post
I'm not really sure how it would work into the narrative? But I could see an analogue as it applies to mutants.

My idea of an "SJW" is someone who thinks they're attempting some support of social justice, but doesn't really have the self-awareness to understand the ambitions and most of the time, becomes more of a "furious helicopter mom" in the community that's trying to help marginalized people. And a lot of the time, thinking they know better than the actual people in the community at hand.

So I could see a new "antagonist" group that thinks they're trying to help mutants, but are in fact making life worse for them. Maybe not necessarily antagonists, but more of an annoyance. People who, in believing they're helping the turtles, drag down their non-mutant allies.
Do you mean someone like Baron Draxum?
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