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Original Art

OA For Sale

you can view most of my collection here

I've been out of the original art game for a while due to some challenges in life. i'm in a good spot now and all is on the up and up. I am selling a small portion of my OA collection to make things progress faster. if you have any questions, just send me a PM.

Prices are as posted and are VERY FAIR.
I accept PayPal
i'm a long time member of the drome and I have had nothing but excellent feedback!
Keep checking back as I will be making updates!!

Alex Deligiannis Leo sketch $50

Turtles in Time #4 pg2 (Dan Duncan) $75

here is the link to my collection. its only 8 pages you'll have to flip through, but if you see anything else, ask and maybe will be able to work somethin out, or maybe we wont. either way, it wont hurt to try
Want to see more of my custom figures?

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