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Just going to drop this in here since PD doesn't have a "random thought" or other appropriate thread and don't feel it is worth making one just to question this...

But at the end of 2014 when Vern meets not-April under a secluded overpass for some random reason, he gets an odd look on his face before turning around when the Turtle van is driving up behind them. (As reminded when I came across it on tv this morning.)

I could never decide if he actually knew the Turtles would be there and was in on it and that's why he asked her to meet him in that particular spot. Makes sense that might be the case, because it's otherwise a pretty odd choice?

But if he was in on it, how did they manage to find each other again and trade contact info. (Or did they call him at work? lol) And why did the Turtles even need him as a go between to meet up with her again. She knew where they lived at that point and you'd think she'd have gone to check up on them all, esp to see how Splinter was doing.

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