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Originally Posted by MsMarvelDuckie View Post
there is really no more rationality on the right than there is on the left. It's just that the lack of critical thinking and mania is better hidden behind the veneer of "god and country" rhetoric.
I disagree. I think the "god and country" thing is a poor, poor argument for their brand of crazy. When the only answers offered to complex issues come in sound bites, there's a problem.

The United States is a country of 350-400 million people. The demographic is as diverse as it can possibly be. Saying that doing things because "god" wants it to be that way is preposterous.

Imagine every time you went to the doctor, he diagnosed you with "demons".

Runny nose? Demons.
Stomach ache? Demons.
Strange rash? Demons.
Diarrhea? Butt Demons.

Chances are, you probably wouldn't stand for it when he gave you some prayers to say and charged you out the wazoo for it.

So why would any sane person accept this as a sensible solution for anything outside of actual, full blown "Linda Blair" Exorcist ****?

There's no rationality in "god and country". It's just a fancy way to say "I hate thinking. Please don't make me do it."

And this isn't to say that Right leaning philosophies are all stupid, or worthless nonsense. But a lot of the people who try to jump into a political argument tend to fall back on these three words as though they mean something profound. They don't. It's the same thing as arguing "social justice and the environment" when liberals are backed into a corner.

The saving grace on the Left, I find, is that they're WAY more likely to divorce themselves from a political figure after some darkness comes out about them. Obama caught it for the Syrian Missile strikes. John Edward was ousted for his affair. Al Franken was ousted, too.

That, to me, shows rationality. Way more so than the Right exhibits.
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