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Originally Posted by Ninjinister View Post
Really? Nobody I know even knows/remembers the original Wizard of Oz. Or the first remake. Or the second. It's all about the '39 version.

Unless there is an earlier version I'm unaware of, the 39 film IS the "original". The other Oz films were all sequels or prequels. "Ozma of Oz", "Return to Oz", and "Oz the Great and Powerful" to name the main ones, all of which were loosely connected to it in some way, either as "direct sequels", implied sequels or prequels, or a combination. "Wicked" is a remake/prequel as well. But the Judy Garland movie IS the definitive one, given that it was a ground- breaker for its time (first movie to use both black and white/Technicolor) and was basically the first movie adaptation of the book(s). There are various animated, full musical(most of which are based on the 39 one to some degree), and/or stage adaptations, (The Wiz comes to mind), but they all came much later.
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