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I'd say those sketches were purchased. Maybe not the shredder, but the other 4. The #1 RID is dated 2014, which sort of raises a flag. The #21 RIB's were definitely signed after the fact. They were most likely done unsigned, then signed at the time of purchase. You get what you pay for and of you're gonna drop some cash with most artist's, they tend to take care of you.

The "no photography" sounds like a promoter rule, lame but it's their show. In all honesty, Kevin is a peach and would sign/sketch all day and night. The negative aspects of the show mentioned are probably out of his control. This is only my hypothesis, but if a promoter possibly pays for your airfare, table and room/board, I feel you, as an artist, are obligated to adhere/respect their wishes/protocols.

It's been mentioned on this thread as well as others that Kevin has "acted and presented himself" in different manners at different shows. That tells me he's meeting promoter obligations more so and much lesser suffering from a personality disorder.

It's a slippery slope to navigate, but his lines at shows where he's known to sketch (SDCC for example) are crazy. If you have a show (as a promoter), most intentions are to make $ first so you can cover costs. That is going to translate into moving the lines as fast as possible and capitalizing on that. Yes, the fees for signatures is a newer protocol by his team, but maybe after years of freebies he's gotten wise to the resellers market (which he's lost considerable $ on), among other aspects of the industry. After 30 years of keeping us happy, doesn't he deserve to change his game up?

I look at it like this: he's got a son and wife to support emotionally and financially. I'm not speaking to her profession, simply speaking from an old fashioned mentality of man takes care of his family. If you're going to be on tour for extended periods, you're going to need to earn income. Free sketches and signatures don't pay the bills. He's got just as much right to expect fans to pay for services rendered as the fans have the right to expect the freebies. Ultimately he's the artist and he calls the shots. I'll pay for sketches and sigs all day and night. Nice guys finish last. Sad but true... nobody is forcing fans to come out of pocket
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