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Originally Posted by Sofistocat View Post
Totally understandable. Im a little confused about you requesting a COA from CGC. Are you talking about an actual COA or having your books slabbed under the "Signature Series" labeling? Im gonna presume you wanted to sell the books you had Kevin sign based on your explanation. Cgc's SS slabs are based on a chain of custody occurring (having the witness present). It happens to many people who are new to slabbing. I'm not saying this is the case with you, but it's very common to hear that situation. Having a photo of an artist signing will not do you any good with CGC. It's gonna get you a green label unless a CGC rep is present at the time of signing or accompanies you to pick up signed or sketched books directly from the artist. I like to think one of the reasons SS slabs have such a higher resale value is attributed to the hoops you gotta jump through... It's all relative
First off I don't plan or didn't plan on selling them, like I said I've tried to get a signature or sketch a couple of times to no avail. Just being a TMNT fan I've always wanted to get something from the creators you know? As for the CGC thing, a few yrs ago Stan Lee came to town during a con and did signings and afterwards they had a booth where you paid $5 for a certificate of authenticity. I got a statue signed by him and I bought a COA to display next to it. This is what I was looking to get some sort of COA so I can display it next to my comics. So this time I thought it would be the same way but it wasn't lesson learned, next time tell them ahead of time before even getting in line so they can be there.
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