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Eh, cut Leo a little slack. His teacher and father expected him to take full lead if he, Splinter, was no longer around and Leo is not going to want to betray or fail his father's expectations. And of course it came to pass, while he's still rather young, with siblings to watch over and worry for their well being and survival of in a world that would want to and think little of killing them. (Not to mention a likewise orphaned adoptive sister to worry about.) If this series was capable of more depth, it's a wonder he doesn't become overwhelmed by the stress at some point and have a break down.

No wonder he'd eagerly get into a little distraction via a second series of a cartoon he loves. It at least gives him a short period of giving his mind a rest from everything else, which is understandable.

I can say from experience that I've done both... I've laid around depressed for a long period after a loss, with no interest in much of anything. On the other hand, after the last hard loss of my father, I started out feeling that way, but the Turtles gave me reason to smile and something to feel good about.

Sure, "Leo is right" is going to happen still, and possibly more, because he's got even more reason to be hyper vigilant in what's going on around them and making decisions. Not that the others aren't and can't be right and Leo should definitely hear them out, but its understandable that he's going to be quicker now to put his foot down. Dad can't come help anymore; no one is on the other end of the cheese phone.
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