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Originally Posted by Master Splinter View Post
I wasn't planning on it but if there is enough interest from the group I will. I think this project has ran its course and we should move on to the next, possibly the radio theater. But like I said if the group here wants me to work on this some more I will.

Hey guys! Long time no see! Sorry for disappearing from time to time ( I was actually out of the country for a bit). I show the final project and I am totally proud! We had ups and downs, but we got it done!

Ouch on PL's review, but he is entitled to his opinon and we are all adults here. It was a first go and, for a project this size conducted over the internet, I thought it was great.

I think Splinter is right. We spent a lot of time on this project and I think I may be time to move on to something new. If folks really want re-edits, I am welling to help out as much as I can.

I think I may waltz over to the radio show thread and see what that is about.

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