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No need to imagine. Mocap is used for acquisition of motion, as a point cloud. The point cloud is then retargeted to the corresponding vertices of the character mesh.

Animators then smooth the performance out, or in some cases, recreate it entirely.

The size and shape of the actor is irrelevant. If they are looking at a wrestler, it's because they want a wrestler type for the human scenes, and more importantly, probably their fans/following.

They want Tyler Perry for the Black vote, Arnell for the ComicBook geek vote, Fox and supermodel for the horney male douchebag vote, Judith Hoag for the hardcore fan vote, Linney for the film snob vote, etc.

It's entirely stunt casting, except for Gary, and the turtles themselves. Surprised WME is letting an actor from APA into their party. Gary is really left field.
I really want to hit this movie in the face with a shovel.

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