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Originally Posted by pennydreadful View Post
Look, the "talent" behind this project couldn't even write a competent story for the first movie with The Foot & Sachs as the bad guys - now they're gonna tackle at least three times the villains with The Foot & Sachs, additional henchmen like B&R plus Baxter and an alien invasion? Everything in this movie is going to be rushed, with the amount of nostalgia-wank that they're throwing in here.
Shoving as much sh*t as they can into a script that was probably barely done before they started shooting with a director who only has one found footage sci-fi kids movie to his name, from almost the exact same writers and producers as the first movie.

We're going to get epic levels of awful with this movie.

Originally Posted by sethmartin View Post
I watch it with the mindset that I'm watching a cheezy B movie or... well, Ninja Turtles.
Here we go again with these fans sh*tting all over the mere concept of the Turtles just to defend a crappy movie with them kinda in it.

It'll never cease to amuse me.

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