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Originally Posted by madyankees View Post
You mean for amiami? How do I do that?
if you want them to ship together you choose ship in same order. amiami weigh your items to deside how mutch shipping you pay.
so if 2 figs weight 1 kg then you pay fore that, and you will pay fore 2 kg fore 4 figs.
so it shoued not be a lot more to get them shipt 2 and 2 instead of all.
and rember you most likley have to pay custom fees and by shipping 2 and 2 you can go thru without paying or less, than instead off getting a big box and the custom are all over it.
the customs here take more fees whene the price is higer so i pay less custom fees with getting them 2 an 2 instead of all 4
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