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Episode 29: April's Fool (listed on the title card as "April Fool")
Written by: Michael Reaves and Brynne Stephens

Voice Cast:
James Avery: Shredder
Cam Clarke: Leonardo, Rocksteady
Townsend Coleman: Michaelangelo
Jennifer Darling: Irma Langinstein
Pat Fraley: Krang, Malicurian Emperor
Barry Gordon: Donatello, Bebop
Renae Jacobs: April O’Neil, Princess Mallory
Rob Paulsen: Raphael, Second Malicurian Guard
Peter Renaday: Splinter, First Malicurian Guard, News Anchorman

1. Donatello's Turtlecom is round like April's when contacting her at the Embassy.
2. Donatello's belt initial and buckle are the same same color when her receives the costume trophy.
3. The Technodrome is back to its original spot as shown from its first appearance this season, despite being mobile in "The Fifth Turtle".
4. Krang claimed he was a scientist in Enter The Fly. However, he should have known better about Lydium-90 being unstable in the Earth's core due to extremely high temperatures as explained by Donatello.
5. Shredder calls the Turtles "wretched amphibians" inside the museum when they are really reptiles.

Catchphrase Countdown:
1. April signs out with "This is April O'Neil, Channel 6 News" after her report in front of the Malicurian Embassy.
2. Shredder calls Bebop & Rocksteady "cretins" and "pathetic peons".
3. April says "let go of me you..." before being taken away by the bad guys.
4. Michelangelo says "Cowabunga!" as his glides away with his nunchucks and the turtles escape the ballroom.
5. Raphael says "Banzai!" as the turtles jump from the police helicopter to the Turtle Blimp.
6. Michelangelo says "Cowabunga!" as the turtles go after Shredder and his mutants after landing the Turtle Blimp.
7. Shredder says "moronic mutants" to Bebop & Rocksteady shortly before Princess Mallory orders everyone to stop.

Pizza References:
1. Donatello and Raphael are eating a slice of pizza in Splinter's Room when we first cut to the Turtles' lair. A moment later, Leonardo then grabs a slice of marshmallow and pepperoni pizza to Splinter, but refuses to accept.
2. Michelangelo says that he smells pizza while on the second floor of the Embassy.
3. In the ballroom, Michelangelo finds a mini-pizza, and jokes that it will be when it grows up.
4. The Turtles are eating pizza in Splinter's room at the end of the episode.

Pop Culture References:
1. The guests dressed at the Masquerade are dressed in various costumes, such as Batman and Superman.
2. Shredder says "You should have tried door number 2" when April tries to get away, a reference to the game show "Let's Make a Deal".

Fourth Wall Breaking Humor:
1. Raphael states that the Turtles' dance card is full as they get ready to leave the ballroom.
2. Raphael says, "Remember kids, we're professionals. Don't try this at home" when hanging on the police helicopter in which Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady are holding April hostage.

Wacky Invention:
Donatello's digital binoculars

1. April is kidnapped by Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady as she is talking to the Turtles at the Embassy on her Turtlecom.
2. April escapes but is kidnapped again by the same bad dudes when Shredder, Bebop, and Rocksteady block the only exits out of the embassy. This time, April's mouth is also covered.

This is the first episode animated by Murakami Wolf Dublin, commonly known for more limited animation than the various Asian animation studios.
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