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Originally Posted by DonnieLaForge View Post
There always have been people saying "please sell all these dios you bring to the shows." Now we will see how many of those people can put their money where their mouth is...

Did they already say how much? I'm guessing it's going to be at least $300, but probably more. I'm basing that on the 7" scale foam Space Jockey -- but that's easier to manufacture, no assembly required, minimal paint detailing, and is made of foam... So this might be closer to $500. Or maybe they would sell it as smaller sets that you can snap together however you want? It does kind of look like the panels maybe interlock?

I don't know if I will talk myself into this or not, but it's definitely cool, and if people don't support it then it will likely be the first and last attempt of its kind by NECA.
See, I would say far less than that. The space jockey was ginormous and a huge pain to ship as it was basically 1 piece. This is normal tooling and packs into a smaller box.
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