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Good on her for knowing what was right and standing her ground. I'm sure the authoritarians out there would like to argue that this guy might have been a bad hombre the cops needed to get off the street, but there's no defending this one.

The man in her care was victim of a high speed chase that was against regulation. The perp (now dead) crashed into this totally innocent truck driver and the cops were praying that he had SOMETHING in his system to cover their asses. Pretty unscrupulous.

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SOME police let their authority go to their heads. This is not normal despite the medias attempt to say it is... I hate MSM.... their goal is to SELL and make money. War, unrest and all that people fear sells great. Truth however, not so much.
You make a great point. There are far more good cops out there than thugs like these. No reason to turn on our law enforcement officers just because the news likes to showcase the worst among them.
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