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Originally Posted by Utromshredderhater View Post
Think you could get that on manga with art that and was in color was based on American comic art a
I'm not really following your post, sorry.

If you're asking if I can do some in color, there simply aren't any vintage TMNT manga that were published in color.

There were story pages (two page magazine spread montages) that were published in color; Adam has a collection of those. But they were dull episode adaptations and not new content, so nothing I'd be very worthwhile to do.

Hidetsugu Yoshioka's story pages from Comic Bom Bom are rather nice and you can find a collection of them at the Transformers Allspark website, but I don't have any first hand scans of those and the ones online are too small for me to read the text, so i can't get to them, I'm afraid.
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