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Thanks. Well the anniversary went well, there were a lot more people there than we had expected to see. Not just family but some of their friends and coworkers who had known them a long time too. With so many people around it was fairly easy to avoid him. We ended up on opposite ends of their house for the buffet-style luncheon after the vow renewal ceremony. They got "remarried" in a car lol! Apparently my step-aunt's husband's parents had been married in a car so since they had both passed away early this year they decided to honor their memory by having their renewal in one too. My dad left pretty early because he's antisocial and hates being around a lot of people. We enjoyed it though. Got to see everyone on that side of the family, and took some pics of the ceremony and the cake-cutting. The food was all done by my cousin (their son) and it was great! And there was a TON of it too. Brought home some extra, and before we came home we went back over to my parents house (they are neighbors- they have the 50 acres next to my parents 50) and I went out in the pasture to hunt for puffballs while their baby calf ran around nearby. Only found one and it was past being edible but I had a good laugh at the cows. The calf and her mama were playing "king of the hill" on a big mound of dirt near their hay bale feeder.
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