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It's an idea. Though really I'd love to have another oranda at some point, but maybe with a different coloration so it doesn't feel like a replacement. I'm not going to assume they all have the same personality, but if any fish were to ever have the wish to curl up in their owner's lap, it would probably be an oranda. lol

I've loved all the fish I've had and known here over the years (and we've had backyard goldfish/koi ponds so there's been plenty), but she's the only one to make me wish recently that a fish could be picked up and hugged.

Somewhat related... I'm considering getting a Cuddle Clones plush done of her. Though I may wait to see if they have their good Thanksgiving/Cyber Monday sale again this year. They aren't cheap, but they do a good job and so cute. The dogs look esp well done.
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