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Check out my Iron Maiden inspired song.

Without a doubt the most ambitious thing I ever did, this was supposed to be the closer of my "Return to Blueberry hill" album.

It's basically two very different songs put together. "Journey's end" was this instrumental salute to my father who passed away while I was recording the album.

"The Birds" however was written for my previous metal band Slavantas and is about a miner who after the mine collapses pins all his hopes on survival on a the canaries the miners brought with them into the mine. We never played it since the others said it was too long and the melody resembled Gary Moore's "Out in the fields" a little too closely.

I had the idea of combining the song on a whim. I told my producer "We'll let the song fade out with birds chirping before slamming right back in with 'The Birds'"

All guitar, bass and keyboard tracks were done by me with Willy van der K doing the vocals and Maarten Driessen doing the drums, thanks a lot you guys,

So here it is.
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