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TMNT Toys/Merchandise in Europe

Since there's a thread for the UK toys, I thought it would be nice to have a thread for the rest of Europe too.
Perhaps it is fun for all of you in the US to see what's going on in Europe.

The Playmates toys are really starting to appear now in The Netherlands, I've been to several different toy stores this week, here's what I found in stores.

Intertoys: small selection of the Basic and Power Sound figures, Basic vehicles and Role Play toys.
Top 1 Toys: an entire TMNT shelf with the Basic and Power Sound figures, Basic and Deluxe vehicles and Role Play toys.
For some reason they also had a box of Fast Forwad mini figures (with stickers) for 2 each. I guess Giochi Preziosi had some boxes left from Italy.
Blokker: only a few of the Basic figures and vehicles.
Bart Smit: no Playmates toys yet, only a box of TMNT Mash'Ems for 3 each.

The prices were different in all stores, also have not found the Kraang, Foot Soldier and April figures and the Shellraiser vehicle in stores yet.

But it looks like the real action will be happening in the Toys XL stores (the dutch version of Toys R Us).
There will be a 'Meet & Greet' and scavenger hunt in several stores with the chance to win TMNT toys and get the below poster.

What surprised me the most though was the following, with every 30 you spend on TMNT toys you get a free Classic figure, in stores and online!
The Classic figures are also for sale for 20, at the moment they look to be exclusive to Toys XL.

Nickelodeon has put up a special website for the event:

How is the rest of Europe doing?

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