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Originally Posted by SS Kakarot View Post
It's the same over here, I have not seen the figures in stores since my post from last week.
Lots are popping up on Marktplaats (a Dutch eBay).

Some Intertoys stores now also have the Mutations figures, a shame all small toy stores (like Bart Smit and Intertoys) over here in The Netherlands only have two or three figures.
Have not found Slash anywhere yet.
Yeah, I've seen them on marktplaats too. Some people! I snagged an extra leatherhead, hope to trade with someone online but I'm not counting on it.
I went to the fun toy store here in Belgium. They had 3 special figures: rat king, leatherhead and snakeweed. All the other figures were turtle figures of course.

I'm going to London in a few weeks, looking forward to finding some decent turtle figures!
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