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Originally Posted by Vicky82 View Post
I know one country that won't be winning it.


I think we will get further than the last world cup but will get knocked out in the quarter finals probably losing to Brazil or Germany again.

I think the winner is going to be Brazil or Germany. I did pick Spain but then there manager got sacked yesterday, so I can't see them winning now.
Lopetegui is a bad manager, so I don't think they lost anything worthwhile. But ofc changing coach 2 days before the tournament to a guy who has no experience(I think?) is a very risky move.

As for tomorrow, I never know what to expect of Portugal. We either do great tournaments or lousy ones. We always perform well at the Euros, Wolrd Cups not so much. The only 2 World Cups we had good runs in were England 66 and Germany 2006, both in Europe. World Cups outside of Europe are always disastrous for us due to poor preparations. Good thing This WC is being held in the European part of Russia, so let's see.
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