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Originally Posted by Vicky82 View Post
Yeah I did the working out using this.

If they finish 1st in our group, they would face Brazil in the Quarter Finals, If England finish 2nd then they face Germany in the Quarter Finals. So it would be better for England to finish 2nd in our group because they got more of a chance of beating Germany than Brazil.

Then if they do get to the semi finals (by beating Germany) then they could end up facing Argentina or Portugal/Spain and I rather it be Argentina, again England are got more of a chance of beating Argentina than Portugal/Spain.

So if England make it to the final then they could end up facing Brazil or Spain (that's if Spain finish 2nd in there group), but obviously we will lose that, can't see us beating them.


Egypt vs Uruguay is starting, I think that Uruguay will win this one. But I wonder how long it will take Suarez to do something controversial, lol.
Well, Luisito (Luis Suárez's nickname) won't do it again;he knows the consequences, but if he do it again, this time he will be toothless.

Uruguay is having a difficult time in its match against Egypt.

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