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Ninja Turtles Trading Cards!

Iím looking to trade or sell Ninja Turtles Trading Cards. Iíve been collecting them for years! Iíve decided that I am going to focus on the 80ís Classic Cards and am willing to trade or sell what I have of the other dimensions of Turtles!

I am going to start taking more pics of the cards I want to trade or sell. I plan to sell at low prices. All funds will go toward purchasing cards I donít yet have of the classic Turtles!

Here are the duplicates I have available. Some are ridiculously rare, others arenít so much. Remember, I plan on taking lots more pics of cards Iím willing to part with. I will put those pics into the link shown below, too.

If you are looking for something, please let me know and Iíll see if I have it.

Thank you, everyone!
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Please contact me if you have rare TMNT trading cards!

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