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Originally Posted by funatic View Post
Is anyone going to Granite Con? The voice cast plus great art talent is a pretty big draw. I was def going to go for Saturday but now debating if the 35th Anniversary Shellabration the night before is also worth it. $75 is pricey though for no autographs or selfies allowed. Anyone else attending that event who knows more details?
Yeah I’m going to the Shellebration and then GraniteCon on Saturday. Kevin Eastman has asked a few Tmnt online groups (one of which I belong to) to donate to the Shellebration. From what I understand, people who bought tix will be able to buy raffle tix and/or bid on different Tmnt packages. I’m guessing Kevin, Steve and others will be donating items as well.
It will be emceed by Peyton Holland (Tmnt fan/motivational speaker) and all proceeds will go to a Sea Turtle fundraiser.
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