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Turtles on The Moon?

I've just been brousing the drawing at the TMNT Blast from The Passed website, but on image is a little disturbing.

In the pictures, you can see what looks like the base-structure of the Apollo Lunar Lander and a abandoned lunar rover. Sorry, but TMNT or not, this comic is a piece of garbage. There are no Apollo Lunar landers on the surface of the moon, nor will there ever be. Getting a man, or as the comic suggests, a turtle on the moon is impossible, NASA knew that. What actually happened was when Kennedy promised they'd land a man on the moon and return him safty to the Earth, the US Government had to get rid of him because he had promised America the impossible, hence the JFK assassination. As Russia continued to take the lead in the spacerace, the American government officails came to one conclusion, "If you can't make it, fake it". Obviously the only thing real about the Apollo program was the launch of the Satarn V rockets. The astronauts launched into space with the command capsule, but instead of flying to the moon they orbited the Earth for eight days where they remained in full contact with Houston. On the forth day, NASA broadcasted the fake footage of the astronauts on the moon, while the astronauts themselves still orbiting the Earth sent back live voice overs "One small step, one giant leap for mankind" On day 8 the crew finally returned. To keep the truth underwraps, only a few people knew the truth behind the conspiracy, the Nixon administration, the witness to the filming, NASA CEOs and of course the astronaut crew. Everybody else at NASA was lead to believe it was an actual event. The reason why NASA had to fake it was because the astronauts could never even have survived the trip. On the surface of our sun, gigantic erruptions called solar flares spread high levels of Gamma radiation through space. The moon has no atmosphere meaning it has no Ozone layar and it's solid core means it has no Van Allen belt; no protection from the sun's solar flares, the moon sucks up the Gamma-rays like spung, turning itself into a barron radioactive wasteland. Every manned mission in history, Vostok, Gemini, Mercury, MIR, SkyLab, Space Shuttle and the current Chinese space program have remained in low Earth orbit at a space distance from the Gamma radiation. But to get to the moon you must penatrate through the radiation. Obviously the only sheilding they had was sheets of aluminium on a steel frame, but everyone knows aluminium can only withstand Alpha and Beta radiation, to block Gamma-rays you need lead. Without propper sheilding any human exposed to the Gamma-radiation would have suffered lethal doses of canser.
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