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Originally Posted by Leo656 View Post
Well, nobody under 25-30 has the intelligence, resources, or life experience to have a kid, anyway. I know a ton of people do, but... they shouldn't. It's more and more a question of, "Exactly how many lives do I wanna ruin with this incredibly short-sighted decision?" the younger you are.

People having kids in their 30s? Probably only going to ruin their own lives, and they've probably already made peace with that. In their 20s, it's their lives AND the kids' lives that are gonna be screwed up. Teens? Your lives, your kids' lives, the lives of your parents who now have to raise your kid for you because you're too young to have any sense of responsibility... all wrecked.

30-40 seems to be the safe window. After 40 you can't even guarantee that you'll have a few decent "Friend Years" with your kid once they're out of college, since lots of people still just up and drop dead in their early 60s. Seems irresponsible (and self-defeating) to birth a child you may only get to put through school and that's it.
Yeah nowadays, considering the economic situation of the world and how no one knows if yet another big crisis/recession won't just blow up tomorrow anymore, people have become more cautious. Plus, it takes longer for people to finish their studies nowadays and to get stable jobs and careers. So no wonder people are marrying and having kids later.

I do wish people stopped talking about having kids as if it's something everyone ends up having eventually. "oh wait until you have kids!"... and when you say you don't want them they either don't take you seriously because "oh when I was your age I used to say that too!" or they think you're some sort of weirdo for not wanting to produce offspring. My brother is turning 36 this year and he's not married nor does he have kids, nor is he interested in either. A few older people have asked me before if he is either, and when I say "no" they find it a bit odd. Because, apparently, that's something society just wants you to do when you're in your 30s: getting married and having kids.
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