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Turtles Forever has its own problems with Ch'rell, and I think part of that was the writers coming right off the tail of Tengu Shredder and forgetting that, for the earlier parts, Ch'rell was subtle and conniving, and even had some degree of patience. Not constantly screaming that HE'S THE SHREDDER. THE TRUE SHREDDER. HE HAVE NO EMOTIONAL STUNTING WHATSOEVER.

And THAT was the biggest issue with any Shredder incarnation in the 2003 show. Constantly screaming how great they were because "THEY'RE THE SHREDDER. YOU CAN'T STOP ME BECAUSE I'M THE SHREDDER AND I'M GREAT." It's lame, it's boring, it strips any version of anything that could even remotely be interesting.

Ch'rell clearly has the symptoms of a tragic youth, but those details are never spoken.
Cyber Shredder was just Ch'rell's memory, in the body that everyone knew him to have rather than his own.
And Tengu Shredder was a very "western demon", of "Screamy McTakeOvertheWorld". While Tengu are actual supernatural creatures in the Japanese Mythos, they're almost nothing like Tengu Shredder, save for the arrogance.

It seems like they picked "Tengu" from the air because it sounded more intimidating, but "Yōkai Shredder" would have done the job too.
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