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Gonna talk about toys, no...comics, ahhhh.. oh yeah the show!!!
Just sat through (that sounds bad, it wasn't) the last 8 episodes, back to back, so I'm up to speed (episode 22) again.
First off, and I know this is dumb if it's been discussed earlier - I had NO Idea that the LARP Turtles (yes the toys - sorry) were based upon the show itself. I thought they were just a spin off. Anyway - I thought the episode was (although obvious) well presented, looked cool and kept moving at a frenetic pace. Good start to this afternoon's viewing.
I enjoyed all the episodes, and I did find the Karai resolution (if it can be called that) to be handled superbly. The emotions and gesturing between her and Splinter were first class.
My only gripe (if I can call it that) is that I didn't find much to laugh at during these episodes, except of course some of the dialogue from Mikey, during his Pizzasode!!!
All in all, a great afternoon of Brand New Turtles adventures for me - too much for my girlfriend today..she figured that going to buy food would be a better use of her time !!
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