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Originally Posted by Brockon21 View Post
Anyone play since the app was updated earlier today? I'm happy with the new prize shop for challenges, but incredibly disgruntled over the PVP tournaments "rebalancing". I lost all of my battles since the update because I'm facing characters at levels well over 10 higher than mine. Because of the rewards from doing well in the tournaments, I was kept interested and involved with the game. I just might lose interest and quit playing now... ����. I don't mean to be a negative person, but the update hit my favorite part of the game in an extremely negative way. Thanks for letting me vent.
Same thing happening with me, this new update messed up the PvP for me, and being forced to play against characters higher level then me for some reason, and even losing battles against characters who are 2 or 3 levels below my characters.
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