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Iíve always stood by New York in the 80ís/90ís being the definitive time setting of TMNT. No other era has proven to work better for the turtles than this. Steve Barronís 1990 portrayal continues to solidify this point to this day. In that film we got to see the turtles live and breathe in an era of New York that most people will unfortunately never fully understand/know about anymore. Just thinking about it reminds me of all the old New York hardcore/punk rock and old school hip hop scenes that were so indicative of that age. I miss it a lot because itís something I grew up on. Watch all those old NYHC/hip hop documentaries; youíll know what Iím talking about. Itís really sad to see all that history/culture swept away due to things like gentrification and systemic political issues. Itís even a lot more sad to see rich out of towners and hipsters moving into NY, gentrifying the whole damn block/culture and moving people who were born and raised there that have called it HOME their whole lives out to other places. Itís hard to think of TMNT in a modern gentrified New York without making me sick to my stomach. It just doesnít feel genuine. I donít care much for this forum anymore, but this thread was worth finding and posting to.
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